Today is your Lucky Day!

Amazon has released a best seller! Get your copy now! Kindle version on sale through Wednesday! Sara Shikhman, attorney, and Carol Clinton, physician, discuss the key to opening, scaling and exiting a MedSpa business. This is a model that can be applied across healthcare start ups. This book is a foundational text for the MedSpa industry. Although full of seriously valuable information, presented in a cohesive and comprehensive format, the book is very readable, has a great conversational tone, and scenes from Carol and Sara’s lives are so emotionally poignant that they have readers alternately laughing and crying–sometimes on the same page. I think some of the most profound chapters are “Exit Strategies” and “The University”: teaching a generation of elite practitioners is not just a good idea–it is one of the best ways to create value for your business. Another big idea about investing in innovation is that, “a tech company in the aesthetics space is much more valuable than an aesthetics business that uses technology.” Listen to the podcast and see the value this book can bring to you.

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