Today is your Lucky Day!

Amazon has released a best seller! Get your copy now! Kindle version on sale through Wednesday! Sara Shikhman, attorney, and Carol Clinton, physician, discuss the key to opening, scaling and exiting a MedSpa business. This is a model that can be applied across healthcare start ups. This book is a foundational text for the MedSpa industry. Although full of seriously valuable information, presented in a cohesive and comprehensive format, the book is very readable, has a great conversational tone, and scenes from Carol and Sara’s lives are so emotionally poignant that they have readers alternately laughing and crying–sometimes on the same page. I think some of the most profound chapters are “Exit Strategies” and “The University”: teaching a generation of elite practitioners is not just a good idea–it is one of the best ways to create value for your business. Another big idea about investing in innovation is that, “a tech company in the aesthetics space is much more valuable than an aesthetics business that uses technology.” Listen to the podcast and see the value this book can bring to you.

The power of faith, John Kennedy shares his experience

John and Eileen Kennedy in St Thomas at the Church’s memorial garden

John Kennedy is the father of one of my other podcast interviewees, Maureen Kennedy. John was on the brink of leaving this world with advanced cancer when Maureen was quite young. He shares his experience of healing as he received grace and mercy on what he thought was a final trip with his wife. The photo here shows you he made it much longer than just that trip. Throughout medical school, he sent Maureen information frequently on advances in medicine. But this inspiring story shows that there is power in believing.

Why and How to Enter a Clinical Trial

This was an educational process for me to understand clinical trials and where it might fit into my course of treatment. I think my journey may help you or if you ever need to help someone else go through the process.

Why do I personally want the best care? Well, I want to go back to Disney with this crazy family, as adults, and with their families, and be able to go to a Disney breakfast! And to create lots of other memories as well!

I really like this article too – as it helps one to understand if you are not asked to weigh in on treatment plans – what is helpful to say. I know this is about grief. It also holds true for a serious illness.

Recalibrating your Life – Maureen Kennedy

Meet some of my classmates from OSU Class of Medicine 1990, Geri Hewitt, Anne Taylor, Maureen Kennedy and myself. Maureen tells her story of making a bold change – after having invested her 20s in going to medical school and residency. Once she started a family and in private practice, her life course took her in a different direction. She shares her hopes and fears. And she discovers her fears were not as she thought and by being vulnerable to those that meant the most to her, she carved out the life she wanted to lead. Here is to living the life that has the most meaning to you.

And a quick update on me: I am through the fourth cycle of my year long clinical trial. The treatment is very tiring and I do the best I can with the energy I have. I know this will be behind me some day. I am just learning how to honor the fatigue. I am able to take a brief walk most days and read a bit. I am grateful when I have the energy for family and friends. And on this beautiful fall day, I am grateful for sunshine and cool weather as well!

I love hearing from you. My nephew sent this story to me this week that made me laugh. And grateful, that by the time I had children, I had a bit more sense and did not let them climb on the roof, like I did when I babysat Michael. I was a 12 year old babysitter and he was a 5 year old boy. I let him play outside, alone, while I was inside with his sister. The neighbor came over and asked if it was ok if Michael was playing on the roof. He had pulled a swingset up to the side of the house, which was a ranch, and climbed up and was on the roof. Here is a similar adventure of someone else:

Getting to Fearless

Well here we are again. Another year – another round of treatment. I am so grateful there are so many options. A year ago, when my cancer recurred for the first time, there were so many more options. The one that was chosen was based on prior responsiveness to the tumor. Alas, the tumor had it’s own thoughts and decided to recur within six months of the end of treatment. Of course, my first thoughts are an energetic renunciation of having this happen and then quickly my thoughts went to my family. How to tell them? What to say? How to give them the hope and the positive outlook that I have in this journey through cancer and life? Instead, I was just real and shared with them my fear and my plan to get the best treatment available – and to let them know I love them. I am lucky to have the opportunity to have these discussions.

The next part of the journey is assembling the right team. Well, I thought I had the right team —- so what more do I need to add to my team. Getting my thoughts assembled and them my team have taken me from fearful to fearless. I thought I would share the team mates I chose this time – and who I added to the team and why.

A great team of doctors – and I added some from around the country with expertise in different aspects of treating this disease. I used both Dr. Copeland, who is a world renowned expert, and head of the GOG foundation, and is my doctor. He has access to all studies and all physicians. I also used a service called Private Health Management . Together, we were able to formulate a list of available studies and identify other resources outside of the US, if needed.

I leaned into my friend, John Reiner, who wrote a paper on his fight with cancer and changed my diet to vegan – among other changes. He wrote an interesting paper, called The Protocol, in 2010. I will share it below.

I then began talking to friends, family about other things I had tried and did not repeat and had not tried and should. So now I have a counselor – to help me stay focused on what is important and let the rest go.

I scheduled time with my college roommate, Susan – who so kindly has asked me what could she do to help. She is a medical masseuse, and I have asked her to help me with this.

I made sure my skin and teeth are in shape – with appointments at Timeless as well as my dentist, Dr. Robin Ford (some of the treatments make it tough to have any break in the skin or mucous membranes during treatment).

I visited and talked with multiple physicians on the best next steps in light of their ability to treat this disease.

I listened to my children who recommended Healing Touch. And scheduled time to be sure to be together with the family. We have great fun coming up for our family with a big celebration for a family friend on his nuptials and then the celebration of the Dublin Irish Festival.

So much of life to enjoy. What can you do? Wish me well. Join us at the festival. Listen to my podcast. Share this blog or the podcast with a friend who needs it. And if you are so inclined – The James needs to keep the world renowned level we have in the gynecologic oncology department. We are about $75,000 from fully funding the Larry Copeland MD Professorship Fund in Gynecologic Oncology. Feel free to donate – I would love to say my illness is what kept Ohio State great and helped cure ovarian cancer for good!

Here is more about my treatment – first three are in lay terms. Last is in scientific terms about the treatment that took the Nobel Prize in Medicine last year!

checkpoint inhibitor for the layperson – parp inhibitors basic science saves lives – NOBEL PRIZE IN MEDICINE

Did you ever podcast – the man behind the podcast – Kerouac Smith and changing your destiny!

Getting meta with Kerouac – Dr. Carol Clinton is back and she’s kicking off the next batch of podcasts with Kerouac Smith, the guy who records, edits and produces the show. We talk about how his midlife career change came about, what his focus is now and where he’ll go in the future — we find out what his skin in the game is. Check out his podcast — Kerouac to the Future — and come back here as we start exploring what drives other people.

ColoreScience Sunscreen and the FDA – why you should care

Sunscreen – why I love Colorescience

Colorescience Sunforgettable Brush

Earlier this year, the FDA published a document that divided sunscreens into three categories. Why should you care?

For years – there have been concerns about some sunscreens that clearly were not suitable for human use or are harmful to the environment and these have been removed from ingredients in sunscreen and are now banned.These are called Category II. Category III sunscreens are chemical sunscreens that research and current knowledge is unclear of their effect on humans and or the environment and more information is needed. Category I sunscreens are proven safe and effective. The physical blocking sunscreens are zinc oxide and titanium are the two items in this category. In recent weeks, Hawaii first and other areas second, have banned some of the Category II sunscreen ingredients from use as they have been deleterious to coral reefs.

How do you find the safe and effective sunscreens? For years, I have been recommending Colorescience Brush – and the two active ingredients for sun protection are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. In addition, so that your skin does not have the white tint that these products give, an iron oxide is used to tint the powder so it matches skin color. We also know that iron oxide also helps protect the skin by shielding it from the blue light which we now know produces free radicals and therefore all the signs of aging.

What additionally may you like to know about Colorescience and their ability to produce sunscreens that are uniquely improved in the world?

The product is photostabilized with a triple coating technology that ensures the product is cohesive and adhesive – to your skin and between particles. The unique characteristics to this zinc and titanium formulation also allows it to not mix with water – allowing it to adhere to your skin through sweating and in wet conditions. This unique property allows sundamage to be blocked – as well as allowing the antioxidants in the product to not be broken down – allowing healing to be accelerated. There is a 65% reduction in free radical production with a standard zinc preparation. With colorescience there is an additional 50% lowering of free radical production.

In additional environmental impacts beyond sun – such as pollution – a normal zinc preparation does not protect from this. With the triple coated technology and the stabilization of zinc, titanium and antioxidants – we can see a 47% reduction of free radical production from pollution.

So the unique preparation of both the ColoreScience power and face shield, using the triple coating patented technology allows a three tier effect of protection for your skin:

1. It protects from free radical production from light – including UV, blue light and infrared light injury. Infrared light injury comes from heat production in the skin which is also diminished with this product.

2. Environmental impact of free radical production is reduced which is unique to this sunscreen which uses the two FDA approved molecules proven to be safe and effective – zinc and titanium.

3. The antioxidants you use and are also in this sunscreen are stabilized and are available to reverse the injury from production of free radicals.

There are additional unique properties to the product – the brush uses antimicrobial bristles to keep and maintain brush freshness. 45% of the product is sunscreen, 55% are additional ingredients to protect, moisturize, or calm your skin.

This is no expiration time for this product – the stabilization of the product maintains it’s effectiveness beyond three years.

This technology is known as enviroscreen. Take a moment to stop in, try it out, and use a layered approach to protect your skin……and while in the office, sign up for Lasting Beauty Rewards to earn rebates to continue to protect your skin.

My personal journey back to healthy, beautiful skin

So, the last year has been tough on my skin – and now I really have my SKIN IN THE GAME. I have not been able to do my basic maintenance treatments. This wasn’t true the first time I went through chemotherapy. This time it was just too much. I did not have the energy to even drive a car some days. I needed to focus on the treatments to get me better and then to regain some energy. A few weeks ago, I started back with my first treatment with Dr. Olah being ThermiVa. As my anatomy has changed over the years with childbirth, menopause, and surgery – it is time to put some energy in the area to help with some very mild stress incontinence. I don’t think surgery would be offered for this issue and Kegel exercises have not helped.

Now – on to my face. I sent a skinscript ahead of time to Ellen Burns, RN and Melinda Rodriguez-Tercius, RN in order to get my appointments scheduled. Ellen and Melinda, by the way, have grown leaps and bounds in their skills in the last year in my absence. I am looking forward to seeing what their hands and knowledge can do for me! Everyone that visits Timeless has a plan -a plan for the issues you are concerned about and a plan for anything we can see additionally that you may be interested in. As with any program that requires professional treatment, there are at home regimens to make the program more successful. Those are also included in your plan. If you haven’t seen your plan and are interested, call the office and we will send it to you!

So today was the day I started back. Some of the changes I have noticed in the last year are increasing laxity in my skin, reddish irritation to my face, decollete degradation with lines and discoloration, loss of volume in my lips and downward pull on my jowls. And my hands – oh they are a mess from the chemotherapy with strange bouts of swelling that have added to an aged look. I would have liked to have done the Secret RF microneedling treatment – but I still have my chemotherapy port and that has metal in it. So for now, I will go with standard microneedling , botox, fillers, chemical peels. And, as chemotherapy has ended, and my hair begins it’s course in growing again – my laser hair removal on my legs needs to be updated! Dermalinfusions will round out the treatments to give my skin a silky smooth appearance.

And – while I was in the office, I was able to chat with one of our patients who I haven’t seen in over a year. She looked fabulous and she shared she was turning 70 this year. I hope to look as good as she does a year from now. It has taken me awhile to get to this place – so it is going to take me awhile to get back to where I want to be! Follow along with me – it’s going to be fun. I will share with you my treatments, my progress and all that is new and exciting at Timeless Skin Solutions!

This is my first YouTube video self produced – please excuse my very humble beginnings!


Dr. Clinton back at Timeless Skin Solutions beginning to get her skin back in the game!