Getting to Fearless

Well here we are again. Another year – another round of treatment. I am so grateful there are so many options. A year ago, when my cancer recurred for the first time, there were so many more options. The one that was chosen was based on prior responsiveness to the tumor. Alas, the tumor had it’s own thoughts and decided to recur within six months of the end of treatment. Of course, my first thoughts are an energetic renunciation of having this happen and then quickly my thoughts went to my family. How to tell them? What to say? How to give them the hope and the positive outlook that I have in this journey through cancer and life? Instead, I was just real and shared with them my fear and my plan to get the best treatment available – and to let them know I love them. I am lucky to have the opportunity to have these discussions.

The next part of the journey is assembling the right team. Well, I thought I had the right team —- so what more do I need to add to my team. Getting my thoughts assembled and them my team have taken me from fearful to fearless. I thought I would share the team mates I chose this time – and who I added to the team and why.

A great team of doctors – and I added some from around the country with expertise in different aspects of treating this disease. I used both Dr. Copeland, who is a world renowned expert, and head of the GOG foundation, and is my doctor. He has access to all studies and all physicians. I also used a service called Private Health Management . Together, we were able to formulate a list of available studies and identify other resources outside of the US, if needed.

I leaned into my friend, John Reiner, who wrote a paper on his fight with cancer and changed my diet to vegan – among other changes. He wrote an interesting paper, called The Protocol, in 2010. I will share it below.

I then began talking to friends, family about other things I had tried and did not repeat and had not tried and should. So now I have a counselor – to help me stay focused on what is important and let the rest go.

I scheduled time with my college roommate, Susan – who so kindly has asked me what could she do to help. She is a medical masseuse, and I have asked her to help me with this.

I made sure my skin and teeth are in shape – with appointments at Timeless as well as my dentist, Dr. Robin Ford (some of the treatments make it tough to have any break in the skin or mucous membranes during treatment).

I visited and talked with multiple physicians on the best next steps in light of their ability to treat this disease.

I listened to my children who recommended Healing Touch. And scheduled time to be sure to be together with the family. We have great fun coming up for our family with a big celebration for a family friend on his nuptials and then the celebration of the Dublin Irish Festival.

So much of life to enjoy. What can you do? Wish me well. Join us at the festival. Listen to my podcast. Share this blog or the podcast with a friend who needs it. And if you are so inclined – The James needs to keep the world renowned level we have in the gynecologic oncology department. We are about $75,000 from fully funding the Larry Copeland MD Professorship Fund in Gynecologic Oncology. Feel free to donate – I would love to say my illness is what kept Ohio State great and helped cure ovarian cancer for good!

Here is more about my treatment – first three are in lay terms. Last is in scientific terms about the treatment that took the Nobel Prize in Medicine last year!

checkpoint inhibitor for the layperson – parp inhibitors basic science saves lives – NOBEL PRIZE IN MEDICINE

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