Recalibrating your Life – Maureen Kennedy

Meet some of my classmates from OSU Class of Medicine 1990, Geri Hewitt, Anne Taylor, Maureen Kennedy and myself. Maureen tells her story of making a bold change – after having invested her 20s in going to medical school and residency. Once she started a family and in private practice, her life course took her in a different direction. She shares her hopes and fears. And she discovers her fears were not as she thought and by being vulnerable to those that meant the most to her, she carved out the life she wanted to lead. Here is to living the life that has the most meaning to you.

And a quick update on me: I am through the fourth cycle of my year long clinical trial. The treatment is very tiring and I do the best I can with the energy I have. I know this will be behind me some day. I am just learning how to honor the fatigue. I am able to take a brief walk most days and read a bit. I am grateful when I have the energy for family and friends. And on this beautiful fall day, I am grateful for sunshine and cool weather as well!

I love hearing from you. My nephew sent this story to me this week that made me laugh. And grateful, that by the time I had children, I had a bit more sense and did not let them climb on the roof, like I did when I babysat Michael. I was a 12 year old babysitter and he was a 5 year old boy. I let him play outside, alone, while I was inside with his sister. The neighbor came over and asked if it was ok if Michael was playing on the roof. He had pulled a swingset up to the side of the house, which was a ranch, and climbed up and was on the roof. Here is a similar adventure of someone else:

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