Episode #7:

In this weeks podcast, Kate Amicon Shneyder, COO, of Timeless Skin Solutions walks me through strategies for support. Kate was our nanny at the time of my first diagnosis and at the recurrence she works in the capacity of COO. So, she has had the unique perspective of helping the family on the first occasion and helping the business on the second. The home help was much more on the minute needs and task oriented and the business much more planned and controlled. Enjoy our candid discussion on learning how to give and receive help!

Episode #4 – I’ve Got Skin in the Game

Laurie Elsass, mother, friend and real estate agent inspires me to take the opportunities life hands us – many times unexpected and unwanted – and how to make positive change for individuals and your community.  Enjoy the listen – remember to subscribe, share and review on your favorite podcast platform!  The forth episode of “I’ve Got Skin in the Game” is now published. The podcast links and the audio is listed on the right side bar here.

Getting Stronger

From Chris Clinton:
Carol is doing well…taking some good walks and gradually getting her strength back. Last night’s sleep was also good. Currently making plans for the next steps..


Carol is home as of about 2pm today. Different pain management than at the hospital and is doing ok and as expected with that. Time is spent mostly resting, a little eating (quiche for dinner) punctuated by short walks. Expecting tomorrow to be much the same.

All as expected

From Chris Clinton:
its feels like slow progress but all is exactly as expected thru this morning. The epidural is still applied and active..probably removed Saturday morning, and then home. Thanks for the support and best wishes … plus the notable amount of prayers.

Hurry up and …

From Chris Clinton:
Several walks, building strength and also some visitors. The day passed and Carol awaits a Friday milestone. The epidural currently controlling pain will be removed tomorrow. We will see what the pain level is then with an expectation of getting home on Saturday….looking forward to a good nights sleep.

I’ve Got Skin in the Game

From the Timeless Team:
We are excited to announce that Dr. Clinton has created a podcast series called “I’ve Got Skin in the Game.” The series will be dedicated to sharing her journey with ovarian cancer. She wants her story to be shared to help others understand the disease, talk about the great advancements in cancer treatments, and speak to the fears that a diagnosis like this can bring to everyone involved.

Pictured L to R: Lisa Arledge Powell, Dr. Carol Clinton and Randy Dupler during the recording.

Listen to it here: