I’ve Got Skin in the Game

From the Timeless Team:
We are excited to announce that Dr. Clinton has created a podcast series called “I’ve Got Skin in the Game.” The series will be dedicated to sharing her journey with ovarian cancer. She wants her story to be shared to help others understand the disease, talk about the great advancements in cancer treatments, and speak to the fears that a diagnosis like this can bring to everyone involved.

Pictured L to R: Lisa Arledge Powell, Dr. Carol Clinton and Randy Dupler during the recording.

Listen to it here:

8 Replies to “I’ve Got Skin in the Game”

  1. Love the stories, very moving. Lucky to know you, amazing lady. Thanks for your support over the years. Sending positive thoughts your way! Kick butt!!

  2. So like you to be concerned about others during this challenging time. No doubt your positive and calm outlook will help others meet their fears while you kick cancer’s butt!

    1. Thank you Micky – I continue to feel positive and know that the advances in medical care and cancer therapies continue to give me and many others – HOPE!

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