Having some great outings and getting ready for chemo

Dublin Library Capital Campaign discussion at Dublin Rotary Club

Last week I had my first outing  to the Dublin Rotary meeting. I feel good enough to walk three miles per day – some times in segments and then mostly I need a nap after that. Next week I start chemo and that will go every other week for six months.  I will let you know more, when I know more – other than I have great support. Both Maeve and Owen will be home for the summer. At the Dublin Rotary meeting, a presentation was given on the new library in Dublin. I am co chair, with Cid Rhomberg, for the Dublin Library Capital Campaign. The new library has broken ground and the capital campaign is about to begin. Libraries have played a big role in my life, from the time I was little and walked to the library with my siblings and neighbors throughout the summer – through medical school and residency.  I love libraries and I love books!  Dublin’s initial library was made for a community of 3,800 people – our community will be over 45,000 by the time the new library is complete. In our community, 30% of the children arrive to kindergarten not being on track to learn to read. All of the new library updates and buildings have had capital campaigns to go along with civic funding. Libraries provide the resources to be the great equalizer in our community and keep our community strong. Feel free to donate to the new library campaign here:  https://foundation.columbuslibrary.org/dublin

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