Podcast – Bonus – Update on how I am doing and chemo hacks!

Well, the truth is – it has been a bit rough.  The medication I have been taking to control the nausea is just not agreeing with me. I either am sleeping non stop and completely out of it, or I can’t sleep, or if I am awake I can’t think straight.  So I guess it is a no go on that nausea medicine – olanzapine.  I’d rather not be a zombie.  The xray is my foot.  As usual, I had great plans that I would be healed at 4 weeks (I swear this is what I heard the orthopedist say at my first visit).  This is my foot yesterday – it is healing – but not healed.  The great news is the weather is hot and I can swim.  And, I can walk short distances.

I had the opportunity to talk to some other patients going through chemotherapy and realized there are a few resources I want to share.

What really works to keep you from loosing your hair:   cold therapy.  Polar cold caps is one company.  Some chemotherapy infusion sites have a cap that circulates cold and does not rely on dry ice.  Here is Mayo Clinic’s explanation and schematic on how this works.  OK  – so let me just say – cold can be magic for reducing hair loss – and for reducing fat!  Follow the link to Timeless Skin Solutions if you want to know more about that!

The National Cancer Institute has a comprehensive site for all cancers if you want information about any cancer.  Up to date is a great way to find out the latest on any therapy for any disease – including the latest on nutrition and other treatments outside of medications that have scientific basis for working.  This would include supplements that I am taking to lessen the possible side effect of neuropathy – a painful sensation in my feet.  This does require a subscription – but is worth the money for the sheer volume of what is available.  The Cancer Support Community is also helpful for both patients and caregivers.  Twitter is also becoming a place where influencers in the medical community are posting the latest research before it is even published.

Finally, if you want a thoroughly researched, connected and recommendations for your serious medical illness – Private Health is a company that for a fee (substantial) will gather all of your information on your illness, review all the literature and science and latest in genetics on your issue – and make recommendations.  I have not done this – but if my situation was more dire, I would access this resource.

Here is my podcast on how I am doing – enjoy!

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