An Important Week

Thank you for the outpouring of support since I shared the news that I will be undergoing surgery this week for a recurrence of ovarian cancer. Your words of support and concern have been very comforting to me, my family and the team at Timeless Skin Solutions.

I am ready for surgery and have confidence in my treatment plan and care team. I will be the beneficiary of significant advancements that have been made since I first faced this disease so long ago. You can continue to reach me at and my husband Chris will be posting updates here on our blog. As I am feeling up to it I will share this journey with you on the blog and in social media. Again, I think it helps to understand such a diagnosis, the treatment and most importantly, recovery. This morning I say a prayer for my physician that I have said for myself for years: God bless his mind, his hearts and hands to work in unison for the sake of the health of his patients today.

If you’re interested in knowing more about ovarian cancer, I encourage you to read the new spring issue of Buckeye Lifestyle. I happened to be interviewed earlier this year about my first diagnosis. You’ll also find helpful information in the article about the disease and detection.

Please know that you are in excellent care at Timeless Skin Solutions while I press pause to focus on my health. As we’ve expanded the practice, I personally interviewed, hired and continue to conduct ongoing training with our team members. That’s why I can say with the utmost confidence that you’re in excellent hands. Led by Dr. Mindy Jacques and Dr. Erin Olah, our clients will continue to get the best personalized medical care possible from our physicians, registered nurses, nurse practitioners and physician’s assistants at both our Dublin and New Albany locations. My trusted team has it covered and looks forward to continuing to provide you with results that you’ve come to expect from Timeless Skin Solutions.

Again, I thank you for all of your support. You’ll hear from me again soon.

Dr. Carol Clinton

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