Dan Lionello and his journey with prostate cancer and Jennifer Carroll’s book on being Beyond Invincible


Through Entrepreneur’s Organization  I have been able to meet some amazing entrepreneurs and members of their family from around the world.  Today, I am with the Canadians!.   Dan Lionello shares his journey with prostate cancer.  He has two business ventures that I know of – one is Painted Picture  -a way of moving your life in the direction you want it to go – by visualizing it.    And using that visual to keep you moving towards your goals.  The second is an Omnae.com  – a global sourcing, supply chain and quality management platform.  You can meet Dan on LinkedIn to read more about this.  On top of these initiatives, he had prostate cancer.  So – that means, yes he had the exam and then was given the diagnosis.  Like so many others of us – he researches and reads on google what the journey may be – on top of using his doctors insights.  With all of this information combined, he knew he wanted to approach this process with  his own painted picture outcome and used neurolinguistic programming skills to help him stay positive and focused on the outcome he wanted for himself.  Dan will take you on his journey to a return to health – which was four years in the making.

In the mean time this week, a friend, Jennifer Carroll,  published a book with her and her family’s walk through life.  They even learned to live while Phil was dying.  Beyond Invicible is the book.  This is a proactive health message book – please make your doctors appointments and get checked..  Phil’shad aggressive prostate cancer and his family lived their journey through this illness in the most positive light – and Phil is the most positive person I have ever met posthumously!  Jennifer Carroll and her family embody that spirit as their legacy.  Her book will fill you with gratitude and positivity.  You can pre order her book to learn how to be positive, carry gratitude rocks and be grateful for all of life’s adventures.

Finally, a promotion for my favorite fundraiser for our local cancer hospital.  The Pelotonia is in 9 days.  Here is a link to my virtual ride this year.  The research and patient advantages that have occurred in The James as a result of this fundraising effort in the last 9 years has been amazing to experience and appreciate.  My podcast with Lisa Hinson addressed this.  Here is a link to my fundraiser if you are so inclined.

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