Meet my cousin Charlie and his son Scott – prepare to chose happiness!

As you may remember – I am lucky enough to be from a large family.  We are scattered around the globe at this point – yet find ways to connect.  My cousin Charlie recently lost his son Scott to brain cancer.  Scott was an educator and coach..   I thank Charlie for sharing this most personal story and hope that Scott’s message sticks close to your heart.  It does mine.  Charlie recalls the range of emotions he went through when his adult son was diagnosed with brain cancer. He learned a lot about the man Scott had become and the effect he had on his students. Scott’s mantra to his students had always been “Be good humans,” and embraced “Choose happiness” during his time battling cancer.  We are never too old to learn.  Feel free to subscribe on your favorite podcast site, share, rate, and comment.  If you find this content valuable, doing these activities helps others find it too!

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