Podcast with Owen like a StoryCorp Episode!

This has been quite a week.  First of all, Owen and I recorded a podcast.  This reminds me of NPR’s StoryCorps – a weekly favorite of mine.   The podcast is a short one that packs alot of insight and emotion.  He gives his perspective of being a child whose parent is diagnosed with cancer.  He went through this at age 9 and now again at age 22.  He really wants his fellow children of cancer patients to know – you are going to be OK and that you will find great comfort from people caring.  People will show their caring in many ways and it is ok to be vulnerable to that caring.  It helps you in your journey.

And I have spent the week focusing on my energy level and continue to eat well and take walks.  I have found that watering the plants can be enough to make me need a 2 hour nap.  The lack of energy is so surprising to me and the need to nap such a welcome relief.

Finally, it was great to see the team at Timeless win the Red Nose contest on social media.  MJ2 did a great job raising awareness and money for children’s hunger.

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