Taking care of yourself first – when you are used to taking care of others

Listen to a discussion with my friend and psychiatrist, Dr Julie Guthrie, about learning to put yourself first. Physicians with their background of being altruistic can get hung up on taking care of others. This is true for many other people as well. Listen as Dr. Guthrie and I discuss how to recognize when you need to put yourself first and how this can be of benefit to all of those around you.

2 Replies to “Taking care of yourself first – when you are used to taking care of others”

  1. Hi Carol,
    Thank you for sharing your personal story of resilience and positivity with us.
    I really enjoyed Dr Guthrie’s interview. The red flag about recognizing the difference between “having to” or “wanting to” give really resonated with me.

    Thanks you

    1. Thanks. I think Dr. Guthrie is one of the most emotionally intelligent people I have ever met. She always helps me with perspective – and fun! I am looking forward to our podcast – because you help me in the same way. Your positive perspective and love of life is contagious!

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